Pictures of renovation work

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            The renovation works are started from strengthening of the foundation of the shrine to ferrocement support works to the roof. Lot of renovation works are delayed due to lack of funds. This sacred heart shrine requires  Rs. 15 lakhs (US$ 32,000) of towards the mending of cracks in vaulted roof, plastering the vaulted roof, providing continuous tie beams around the outer walls, replastering the inner and outer side walls, mending the stucco figures, steeples, renovation of main altar, repairs to stained glass work, repairs to teak wood windows and doors, painting, providing flooring, providing strom water drainage etc. Those who contribute to this shrine will  be blessed because they are daily remembered in the prayers here and therefore their ambitions will be definitely fulfilled. 


            Your contributions are most welcome to the following address. 

Rev. Fr. A. Sebastian 

Parish Priest 

Sacred Heart shrine

Idaikattur - 630602

Sivagangai (Dt)

Tamil Nadu


                             Phone: (04574)  67212   (India)

                                           91 4574 67212 (Abroad)