The sacred heart and Mrs. Prema

            What, I the parish priest, heard from Mrs. Prema wife of Mr. Varatharajulu the then collector of Madurai around 1986-87, is put down here. It is a good Hindu family living in Chennai. About three years back Mrs. Prema had heart ailment. Her family doctor insisted upon her undergoing a major by pass operation. This was a great shock for her. She could not stomach being operated at her advanced age. It was at this time she read an article titled "Art-Treasure" in the weekly magazine Dinamani Kathir dated on 10.05.1998 written by Er.K. Gunasekaran BE. As she was reading this article, a hope dawned in her heart, that the sacred of Jesus would cure her of her heart ailment without being operated and prayed to him. When the given time was over, she again went to meet the doctor. When the doctor checked her for operation, he was wonder struck because everything was normal. He asked her what had happened. She explained to him that the cure had taken place only by the sacred heart of Jesus and he saved my heart.


Parish priest Fr.A.Sebastian.


Sacred Heart of Jesus saved my life

            I am an electrician. Few months back I was giving connection to TV Antena on the third floor. Unexpectedly there was a strong wind which threw me on the three phase current. Current passed everywhere in my body. I was at the point of death. In a fraction of movement an unknown person came and switched off the main box. This happened when I prayed to the sacred heart of Jesus. I have not seen the one who put off the main box. So I went to Idaikattur to thank the sacred heart of Jesus.


Mr. Pancaraj




Lost eye-sight was granted

            I had a poor eye-sight for two years. I consulted doctors, they said that I should undergo an operation or else I will not gain it. Hearing this, I was worried. I heard of the miraculous powers of the sacred heart of Jesus at Idaikattur. I went there and prayed for three first Fridays. What a surprise! without an operation I have a good eye-sight






Job to the jobless

            I am Joseph. I have a son who studied a lot but did not get a job. His future looked bleak. When I came to know about the Sacred Heart Shrine of  Jesus at Idaikattur and his divine miraculous power we went there with our whole family and prayed to him. My son got a permanent job and I too had an opportunity to begin a handicraft center. The poverty that tortured my family vanished. Thanks to the sacred heart of Jesus.


S. Joseph

55.JJ Illam



"I have seen Him. He appeared to me"

            I am Margarete from Goa. There were a lot of problems in my family. My friends told me about the sacred heart of Jesus shrine at Idaikattur. I am unable to go there. So I wrote a letter to the parish pries. Before I received his reply the sacred heart of Jesus appeared to me. His heart was on the left side. I was fear stricken because the pictures I had seen so far show his heart at the center. After two days I received the reply from the parish priest at Idaikattur. As soon as I opened the letter the photo of the sacred heart of Jesus came out. There I saw the Heart of Jesus on the left side. I understood that the sacred heart of Jesus at Idaikattur came to me in person and comforted me. It was a great surprise and joy for me because I have seen him he appeared to me.


Mrs. Margarate